Fiduciary Management Specialists
Professional Service with a Personal Touch

This site will try to answer some of your questions and try and help you to understand what a fiduciary does and how it serves its clients.  It is owned and operated by Stephanie McCollum, an Arizona Supreme Court licensed fiduciary.  She is dedicated to giving each of her clients the highest level of personalized professional service.  She provides guardianship, conservatorship and decedent services in an affordable, ethical, professional, efficient and caring manner for vulnerable and incapacitated adults and minors. 

Stephanie McCollum works under the supervision of the probate court which is part of the Arizona Superior Court system. The court can appoint Stephanie McCollum as guardian for incapacitated persons, conservator for persons whose assets require protection and personal representative for the administration of decedents’ estates.  She can also serve by agreement as trustee, representative payee or as agent under powers of attorney. In the State of Arizona, a person acting as a fiduciary for a fee must be licensed by the Arizona Supreme Court.  

A licensed fiduciary is a non-family member who serves for a fee and must be certified by the state.  All fiduciaries, whether serving for a fee or not, are governed by the Arizona Revised Statues.  Stephanie McCollum is a licensed fiduciary and charges hourly rates or fees for specific services. All fees must be approved by the court. The court determines case by case which fees are reasonable and payable by the estate.  If you have specific questions about fees please call Stephanie at 623.777.3820.